Who are we?

A Cluster is a provincial grouping consolidating expertise in a given sector of economic activity. Fostering competitiveness and growth, it allows the sector to stand out internationally. Optonique is about mobilizing more than just the clusters that have a local scope. It brings together and mobilizes all the players in the Quebec photonics sector – industrials, research centres, educational institutions, and industry partners – around the common objectives of innovation, growth and competitiveness.


Quebec’s Photonics Cluster exists to invigorate Quebec’s photonics ecosystem and provide it with representation; to increase its capacity for foundational and value added projects; and to foster innovation, creativity, and competitiveness.


Quebec’s Photonics Cluster works to mobilize and unite all of Quebec’s photonics stakeholders so that their knowledge and technologies can have a greater impact in Quebec, across Canada, and around the world.


Its mandate is to mobilize businesses in the photonics sector and their public sector economic partners and align their actions around common goals and intervention strategies.

Our strategic orientations

Optonique contributes actively to improve workforce in the sector by providing members with upskilling and reskilling opportunities and a better connection with the talent pool. Optonique also works with public authorities to improve various workforce issues impacting photonics.

Optonique is dedicated to promote photonics to the general public and the importance of the photonics industry in the economy. We also work closely with public authorities to address issues affecting the industry as a whole.

Optonique supports the marketing and export efforts of its members to boost sales both locally and internationally. To do so, we organize international trade mission, specialized training and host Québec/Canada pavilions at major trade shows.

Optonique supports cross-sectorial, local and international networking, and actively contributes to targeting commercial and research partnerships.

Our sectors of activity

Photonics is an enabling technology that can be found in many industrial sectors.

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